Oddities at Gallery Gachet


4x3Gallery Gachet Annual Members Show
Exhibition runs: January 9th- February 22nd, 2015
Opening reception: Fri, January 9th, 7.00 – 10.00pm

Gallery Gachet is an artist-run centre committed to demystifying and challenging issues related to mental health and social marginalization in order to educate the public and promote social and economic justice through artistic means. Our gallery and studio space, precariously balanced in a neighbourhood undergoing advanced gentrification, has emerged as a symbol of creative refuge and artist-driven authenticity.

Gallery Gachet is pleased to present this year’s Annual Members Show, Oddities.

In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, a cabinet of curiosities was a place, or more precisely a wooden piece of furniture with several compartments, where people would exhibit bizarre objects, artifacts and specimens —in a word oddities. Everything from a two-headed cow fetus soaking in formaldehyde to an alleged unicorn horn, these objects gesture towards the complexity of the world and the vastness of the unknown. While these displays were successful in sparking the creative imaginations of many, they exist as a mode of classification, capable of objectifying and subjugating what is different by suggesting a particular and often misguided reading to the viewer.

Classification of the atypical has taken on many forms throughout history; witch hunts, circus sideshows, and in modern medical practices including the development of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, DSM.

Oddities will set out to answer these questions posed by artists from the Gallery Gachet collective: Can we achieve a more holistic sense of the human experience by assuming or subverting labels such as mad, freak or weird? What parts of our experiences do we want to keep strange? How much do we want to explain? Is there still room for the uncanny or fantastic? Can we, as artists, create an alluring space of wonder while representing ourselves and our experiences?

Nothing About Us Without Us

Gallery Gachet :: Nothing About Us Without Us
Gallery Gachet :: Nothing About Us Without Us

Opening Reception  | Friday 13 December |  7pm – 10pm  |  Gallery Gachet  |  88 e Cordova

Exhibition  | 13 December 2013 – 19 January 2014

Artist Talk  | Tuesday 14 January 2014 | 7pm – 9pm | Vancouver Art Gallery  |  room 4East



The F Word: exploring feminism in the 21st century

Afuwa- Rooted-faceThe F Word: Exploring Feminism in the 21st Century

February 23 – April 2
Leigh Square Community Arts Village, 1100 – 2253 Leigh Square Place, Port Coquitlam, BC
Free Admission.  Open daily excepting statutory holidays.   

Venue is wheelchair accessible.

On Saturday 25 February  The F Word: Exploring Feminism in the 21st Centuryopens in Leigh Square Community Arts Village.  

This celebration of International Women’s Day was conceived and midwifed by Thingy Studio‘s Sherazad Jamal and Cat L’Hirondelle.

The last ThrilLITERATE

Two nights of poetry, storytelling and celebrating literacy as a basic human right.

Friday February 24 Readers include: Elizabeth Bachinsky, Afuwa, Shana Myara, Donna Dykeman, Aaron Chan, Cathleen With, Antonette Rea and Tony Correia

Saturday February 25 Readers include: Tash Wolfe, Larissa Lai, Terra Poirier, Sonnet L’Abbe, Crystal Sikma, Sigal Samuel and Amber Dawn

Rhizome Cafe, 317 E Broadway

Sliding Scale $5 – $20. 100% of the door goes to the WISH Learning and Literacy Program. Doors 7 pm. Show 7:30, both nights.

Organized and hosted by Amber Dawn.

Hapa-Palooza, September 7-10

A new cultural festival that celebrates the city’s identity as a place of hybridity, synergy and acceptance. A vibrant fusion of music, dance, literary, artistic and film performances, Hapa-Palooza places prominence on celebrating and stimulating awareness of mixed-roots identity, especially amongst youth.

My work is being projected on Saturday 10 September for Hapa-Palooza: A Vancouver Celebration of Mixed-Roots Arts and Ideas. If you’re around Robson Square, I’ll be there. Come say hi.

Hapa-Palooza logo