Colonial Blanket for Peoples Who Refuse to Vanish

Colonial Blanket for Peoples Who Refuse to Vanish is a video/performance/artwork based on the occupation of time and space as a colonial enterprise: people are uprooted, environments disrupted and renamed, languages banned.

The documents include letters announcing the “discoveries” of the New World; reports on the internment of people of Japanese heritage during WWII; recommendations regarding the demolition of Africville in Nova Scotia; and glossy pages from the 1968 hardcover “Vanishing Peoples of the Earth” lamenting the “disappearance” of Maori, Inuit, Ainu and other First Peoples… all of whom are very much present now.

Taken separately, each document is an artefact of its time; together, they illustrate the arc of occupation, genocide, and romanticizing of “vanished” First Peoples that forms the fabric of the world we live in today.

full video

Part of Gallery Gachet’s Nothing About Us Without Us project